Supply, installation and commissioning medium voltage inverter Senlan – Yen Binh Cement

The success story of applying SBH_SLANVERT medium voltage inverter in the cement industry of LKAT company

           Since 2015, from the demand and the policy of saving electricity in production, Yen Binh Cement Joint Stock Company has invested in SBH SLANVERT medium voltage inverter for F22 material grinding fan system. Over 5 years of operation, the SBH SLANVERT inverter has supported the grinding system to reduce power consumption by about 20%. After 02 years, the company has recouped its investment and reaped profits from the-3rd-year on. The cost of saving electricity is reduced that leads to cost per unit is decreased. In result, it brings in price competitiveness in the cement market.

As a result, Yen Binh Cement Joint Stock Company made decision to invest in an SBH SLANVERT medium voltage inverter system for the ID fan system of the kiln in August 2020. Therefore, it increases the ability to reduce power consumption and competitiveness.

Image and ID fan parameters at Yen Binh Cement Company

Motor type: YRKK630 – 6 (Winding rotor asynchronous motor)

Rated power: 1400 kW

Rated voltage: 6000 V

Rated current: 162 A

Rated speed: 992 r / m

Rated power factor: 0.875

In the implementation & delivery process, LKAT Control Solution Joint Stock Company (the representative of SLANVERT inverter supplier) faced obstacles due to the complicated situation of covid-19 pandemic in the world. The breakdown in the supply chain (Exp: Importing products, sending experts from manufacturers to Vietnam) affects the overwhelming workload, but execution plan is still running.

However, with the goal of operating project in August 2020, LKAT has cooperated with related departments that work together to plan project. Our spirit “customer goal is everything”, LKAT has focused, mobilized and negotiated with suppliers to deliver goods on schedule. Since then, the construction and installation reached the target of the customer. The timely coordination of technicians of LKAT with the manufacturer’s experts successfully installed and put into use as scheduled.

The project has been completed and put into operation in August 2020. Some pictures of the project from the time of import to completion of construction, put into production.

The process of transporting from the border gate in Lang Son to the Yen Binh Cement Company

Unloaded and put into installation location at Yen Binh Cement Company

Expert checks the signals from DCS to medium voltage inverters at Yen Binh Cement Company

Expert installs the inverter according to the required technology of the company

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