Máy tính công nghiệp IPC-PG

Máy tính công nghiệp IPC PG

  • Máy tính công nghiệp dòng Box PC

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    • Extreme compactness
    • Certification for global marketing
    • System-tested with SIMATIC components
    • High vibration/shock load during operation
    • Wide operational temperature range
    • Robust data storage with Compact Flash/CFast or solid-state drive (SSD)
    • Varied mounting possibilities for flexibility with installation
    • Designed for 24-hour continuous operation
    • Integrated parameterizable monitoring functions (temperature, fan, watchdog)
    • High service friendliness
    • Operating system pre-installed and activated for fast startup
    • Motherboard developed and manufactured by Siemens
    • Availability for 3 to 6 years
    • Repairs and spare parts service for 5 years
  • Máy tính công nghiệp dòng RACK-PC

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    Shared industrial functionality of the IPC series 547, 647 and 847

    • Maximum system performance for complex automation tasks and computationally intensive PC tasks in the industrial environment through use of Intel Core processors
    • Designed for 24-hour continuous operation
    • Monitoring and diagnostics functions (e.g. temperature, fan, watchdog)
    • RAID1 configuration (mirrored drives), optionally in hot swap drive bays
    • Hard disks with capacities up to 1 TB for large volumes of data
    • SSD (solid-state drive), also as RAID1 configuration, optional
    • Redundant AC power supply, optional
    • Compact dimensions for installation in control cabinets only 500 mm deep
    • Dust protection thanks to overpressure ventilation concept with fan on the front and dust filter
    • Lockable front door
    • Service-friendly equipment design due to prepared telescopic rail mounting
    • Service-friendly device design due, for example, to the replacement of filters/fans from the front without the need for tools, or opening of the enclosure with just one screw
    • Universal implementation as an industrial workstation or server
    • Operating system pre-installed and activated for fast startup
    • Fast restoration of the delivery status of the HDD thanks to restore DVD
    • High flexibility and expandability of components
    • PCI and PCI Express expansion slots
    • Independent industrial product design
  • Panel- PC

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    SIMATIC Panel PCs are suitable thanks to their high industrial compatibility for use in control cabinets, consoles and control panels, as well as directly on the machine. Typical areas of application can be found in both factory and process automation.

    There is a broad range of robust, high-performance SIMATIC Panel PCs available for different requirements.

    Shared industrial functionality

    • High-quality components and modules with a high MTBF (mean time between failure), which also ensure 24-hour operation in the extended temperature range
    • High swing/shock capacity of the devices through special hard-disk suspensions, locked connectors and card retainers
    • Rugged housing model with high electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and integrated industrial power supplies (also in accordance with NAMUR)
    • Service-friendly device design
    • Bright, brilliant displays in different sizes from 7″ to 22″
    • Same front panel mounting dimensions and uniform front design across all device families
    • Rugged fronts protected from dust, humidity and chemical substances (front-side IP65 degree of protection)