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• The power PLC for the mid to high-end performance ranges.
• The solution for even the most demanding tasks.
• With a comprehensive range of modules and performancegraded CPUs for optimal adaptation to the automation task.
• Flexible in use through simple implementation of distributed structures.
• User-friendly connections.
• Optimal communication and networking options.
• User-friendly handling and uncomplicated design without a fan.
• Can be expanded without problems when the tasks increase.
• Multicomputing:
Simultaneous operation of several CPUs in one S7-400 central controller. Multicomputing distributes the overall performance power of an S7-400. For example, complex tasks can be divided into technologies such as open-loop control, computing or communication, and assigned to different CPUs. And every CPU can be assigned its own local I/O.

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CPU S7-400


CPU S7-400 gồm nhiều dòng như : Standard CPU, failsafe CPU, High-availability CPU

I/O module

Gồm các module chính như DI module,DO module, AI module, AO module, Communication module và nhiều module khác.

Power Supply

Gồm 2 loại PS 405 và PS 407 với output: 24V;5V/0,5A;1A;4A;10A;20A




Gồm các sản phẩm ngoài CPU và module như labeling sheets và rack

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